The journal encourages articles from both academic and industrial domains. In general the journal is open to quality articles from any area of Structural Engineering. Engineers from academia and industry are welcome to submit articles for review. All submissions will be kept confidential. Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word format. 

Download Microsoft Word template file for manuscript preparation

Instructions for manuscript preparation

The format should be as follows:

Title page:

  • Manuscript title
  • Author(s)
  • Institution and address for all authors
  • E-mail address of author for correspondence
  • Abstract: Abstract (Maximum 150 words) should be self explanatory and without citations.
  • Keywords for subject search.

Introduction: Introduction should include a description of the background and aims of the work and what has been accomplished to date. 

Materials and Methods: Include full descriptions of all numerical, analytical, or experimental procedures.

Results: Results should be clearly stated and supported by figures, tables or graphical representations of the findings.

Discussion: The discussion should address the importance of the major findings of the work, expanding upon the results.

Conclusions: A summary of important findings and their implications to the area of research that is the paper's focus.

Acknowledgements: Should be brief.

References: References should be listed in the order of appearance and a numerical reference (e.g. [1]) should be used within the paper. Examples of the reference style are given below:

  1. P.Mendis, R.Pendyala, and S.Setunge, "Stress-Strain Model to predict the Full-range Moment Curvature of High-strength Concrete Sections", Magazine of Concrete Research, Vol. 52, No. 4, August 2000, pp 227-234.
  2. Y.L.Mo, and S.J.Wang, "Seismic Behaviour of RC Columns with Various Tie Configurations", Journal of Structural Engineering - ASCE, Vol. 126, No. 10, October 2000, pp 1122-1130.

Any references to papers that appeared earlier in EJSE or another electronic journal, should include a standard HTML link. 


In order to submit your paper please go to Submission (individual file size should be less than 5 Mb).

The authors should be prepared to use means of electronic transfer of text, image files, sound files, movies etc. that make up a paper.

Reviewing and publication process

Manuscripts are selected for publication in the EJSE based on editorial assessment of their suitability and the reports from reviewers. Articles which satisfy editorial criteria will be sent to three reviewers who have agreed to assess the article quickly. Contributors may suggest reviewers; requests for the exclusion of specific reviewers will also be considered.

Those worthy individuals who would like to serve as referees please fill out the Referee's Registration Form

Referee's Report Form

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