Nonlinear Models of Reinforced and Post-tensioned Concrete Beams

P. Fanning

Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2, Ireland.


 Received 20 Jul 2001; revised 8 Sep 2001; accepted 12 Sep 2001.



Commercial finite element software generally includes dedicated numerical models for the nonlinear response of concrete under loading. These models usually include a smeared crack analogy to account for the relatively poor tensile strength of concrete, a plasticity algorithm to facilitate concrete crushing in compression regions and a method of specifying the amount, the distribution and the orientation of any internal reinforcement. The numerical model adopted by ANSYS is discussed in this paper. Appropriate numerical modelling strategies are recommended and comparisons with experimental load-deflection responses are discussed for ordinary reinforced concrete beams and post-tensioned concrete T-beams.



Concrete; post-tensioning; finite element modelling.